Tuesday Health Professionals Call & Thursday Vision Call

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The Health Professionals Call (HPC) provides new insight into important ways that we can take care of ourselves.
The Vision Call provides an understanding of the ReDox Breakthrough and the Company and Business behind it.

Listen to the Call by Phone
  • Tuesday Health Professionals Call: 6pm pst, 7pm mst, 8pm cst, 9pm est
    • Call In: 530-881-1300 then 396855#
    • Recording 530-881-1399 then 396855#
  • Thursday Vision Call: 6pm pst, 7pm mst, 8pm cst, 9pm est
    • Call In: 712-432-0075, then 457827#
    • Recording 712-432-1085, then 457827#- or Listen to a recent call via this link. ps: the Vision call is best listened to live on Thursday night... so "get to the event" on Thursday night with your guests and consider these archives for backup use.
Listen to the Health Professional Call Recording Online (updates are typically posted by 10am mst the day following the call)
  • Listen to the Feb. 24 call via this link.
    Special Guest Bruce L Feldman, MD
    Bruce L Feldman, MD is an ABIM-certified internist with 20 years of experience in all ranges of healthcare delivery and management. After numerous roles as medical director and chief medical officer, including at Beth Israel, New York Presbyterian, and Montefiore Medical Center, he left insurance-based healthcare delivery to concentrate on delivering an exceptional patient experience. Dr. Feldman has developed a premium level Concierge Internal Medical Practice with a focus on proactive, empowered health management. Utilizing cutting edge technologies and testing, as well as the tried and true housecall, Dr. Feldman seeks to identify common issues before they develop into problems, then together he and his patients can strive toward their picture of optimized health
  • Listen to the Feb. 17 call via this link.
    Special Guest Dr David Silverman
    - Private podiatry practice owner, ambulatory surgical center owner and board-certified foot surgeon. ('88-'99)
    - 17 years in the holistic health industry
    -current ASEA Triple Diamond AssociateŠ
And some "Best of" Vision Calls
  • Dr Dick Walker
    Senior ER Physician, currently practicing at Holy Family Hospital in Spokane, WA for 35 years. Double Board Certified as an Internist. Masters Degree In Preventative Medicine and Environmental Health Athlete at Heart, Dick has also climbed Many Mountains around the world including Mt. Everest and enjoys cycling.
    Owns an Alpaca Ranch with his wife Nancy.
Spanish Vision Call
  • 9:30pm EST (not every Tuesday) 530-881-1300 Code: 309810#
  • Recording # 530-881-1399 then 309810#
  • or listen to the Sept. 30 call via this link