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The Tuesday night Vision Call provides new insight into important ways that we can take care of ourselves regarding Health, Beauty, Athletics, and Finances.
The first half of the call features a Health Professional, the second half focuses on the Vision of the Business.
Live Call on:
-Tuesdays: 6pm pst, 7pm mst, 8pm cst, 9pm est
-Call Into: 530-881-1300 then 396855#                
Listen to Archives by:
Dialing into 530-881-1399 then 396855#
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Professional Guest Speaker Nov. 24: Dr. Foster and Terri Malmed
31 years as a Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist, with over 5 years at a New York Hospital, and now practicing at a multidisciplinary wellness center, Dr Malmed is also a member of the Corporate Medical Professionals Board. Dr. Malmed and his wife, Terri are Triple Diamond Associates who understand that Redox Signaling technology is truly one of the greatest health, athletic, skin, and anti-aging discoveries of our lifetime.
Vision Guest Speaker: Professional Guest Speaker Nov. 17: Maureen West CNTP
Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner Graduate of the Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI) in Denver, CO. NTI provides a foundation of skills and knowledge in holistic nutrition. The program is rooted in science and delves into specific areas of nutrition that are relevant to helping people attain optimal health,. Maureen West is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) which is a community of nutrition professionals who collaborate and share evidence on the efficacy of holistic methods. NANP professionals put into practice the natural approach to nutrition and healing even for the most challenging health conditions.
Vision Guest Speaker: Trish Schwenkler
Triple Diamond