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The Tuesday night Vision Call provides new insight into important ways that we can take care of ourselves regarding Health, Beauty, Athletics, and Finances.
The first half of the call features a Health Professional, the second half focuses on the Vision of the Business.
Live Call on:
-Tuesdays: 6pm pst, 7pm mst, 8pm cst, 9pm est
-Call Into: New # (641) 715-3865 then 396855#                 
Listen to Archives by:
Dialing into New # (641) 715-3868 then 396855#
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Professional & Vision Guest Speakers Feb 9: Dr John Hayes
MD 1973 Univ. of PA, Philadelphia PA. 4 years residency Hospital of the Univ. of PA. OB/GYN as Chief Resident 1977. John P. Emich award for best bedside manner. Board Certified 1979. Practiced OB/GYN until 1999. Then 10 years working with male patients with sexual dysfunction issues and for the past 2 years in the area of pain management. He and his wife Cathy are Silver Associates with ASEA.

Vision Guest Speaker Debbie Wetzler from restaurant server to ASEA Double Diamond!

Health Professional/ Vision Guest Speakers Feb. 2: Dr Stan & Cristie Gardner
Dr. Stan is the medical director of the Keys to Healing Medical Center in Utah. As an M.D., Dr. Gardner practiced conventional Western medicine for over 20 years before incorporating principles of prevention by strengthening the immune system. Dr. Gardner has made it his quest to make healthy alternatives to drugs and surgery available to the world as the first line of treatment in health. He and his wife Cristie are Diamond Associates with ASEA.

Health Professional/ Vision Guest Speakers Jan. 26: Drs. Joe and Pilar Labriola
Drs. Joe and Pilar Labriola are board-certified chiropractors and owners of The Chiro Health Spa of Ramsey, a chiropractic and holistic wellness center in Ramsey, NJ. They both attained their doctorate degrees from Life University in Marietta, Ga and specialize in the biostructural correction of the body. They have been using ASEA products in their practice since 2012, and are confident that the ASEA Redox Supplement and Renu 28 are the only products they can safely recommend for everyone in their lives, regardless of age, health condition or diet. They are grateful for these products and ASEA as a company, and love to share this amazing business opportunity. Drs. Pilar and Joe are current Platinum Executives with ASEA.